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Little Chihuahua Lifts TCB Courier's Logo in Search of Mission Cred, Still Hawks Boring Mexican Food

With the Lower Haight and Noe Valley-based Mexican restaurant already two weeks into their arrival on the “hot” Valencia Street corridor, we're only now realizing that their 'edgy' rebrand for the Mission looks eerily familiar to Mission-born TCB Courier's.  We can only assume the Chipotle-esque chain paid a marketing firm good money to create a brand that “captures” the spirit of the neighborhood, but they accomplished that goal in the lamest way possible.

It's worth noting that TCB's logo itself is an update of the New York Hardcore insignia (and, by extention, every other logo made ever), albeit a much more creative—and appropriate—refresh (especially considering TCB, at the very least, meets the very minimum requirement for “hardcore” and Little Chihuahua makes 8 different varieties of tostada salads with lime-cilantro salad dressing. But, I digress…).

Anyway, I'm sure we can look forward to some backpedalling from “TLC” in the near future.

[TLC signage photo by bubbletea1/Eater SF]