We need 90s-era wallet chains for our cellyphones

Apple Picking Straight Out of Your Hand While Napping In Your Car

A few weeks ago, I read that iPhone theft had become so common in SF that thieves had started (hilariously?) referring to it as “Apple picking.”  Now it seems thieves are breaking into people's vehicles around 18th and Valencia while they take early morning booze-naps to pick apples:

[My friend] got home super late a few days ago & realized she didn’t have the keys to her apartment. story goes, she didn’t want to wake her roommates, & decided to just sleep in her car for a few hours. she woke up when she heard her car door opening & felt her phone being taken straight out of her hand. when she looked up, some dude was running from her car with her phone. apparently, dude had been watching her, realized she was asleep & decided to open her car door & take her phone straight out of her hand, all in broad daylight. the whole time she was telling me this story, she kept reiterating how it’s her fault for being irresponsible, & yeah she probably should have made sure her doors were locked, but that has to be one of the most absurd phone jacking stories i’ve ever heard. who the hell even thinks about stealing a phone from someone while they’re holding their phone in their hand inside their car in broad daylight?!

I guess it's time to start sleeping with a can of mace under your car dash?