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Good Dog of the Week: Iggy

Hello, Good Dog fans!

There are a lot of good dogs in this town but it's tough to pick a winner. Iggy is an awesome pup - I ran into him at Rhea's when I was getting my kimchi on.

With all the delicious smells in Rhea's you would think a dog would just be barking like crazy at the sandwich crew, desperately crying out in dog-ese “Where's my sandwich! It's been half an hour goddamnit! I ordered the Korean Beef - it's the best one!”

But no, the little dude was chill as heck, and totally didn't mind having a conversation and posing for a photograph.

Great dog - best of the week for sure.

In other news the kimchi at Rhea's is amazing.  I can't believe I never knew you could buy it in jars until this weekend.  Goes great with scrambled eggs - just sayin'