vehicle theft

Help TK Find His Stolen Car

TK's car loves shoegazing and boys in flannel, so look for his stolen ride at Debaser tomorrow.

In my ideal world, everyone would be already reading TK's 40 Going on 28.  Alas, there are probably a few of you still not hipped to this work of comedic genius, so let me be the first to notify you that TK's car was stolen and he would like everyone to stay on the lookout:

My car got stolen last night.

I want to think it's God punishing me for getting a parking space DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE, but probably not, right? Gotta hand it to the SFPD: they were here at my office to take a report less than 30 minutes after I called. TRY THAT SHIT IN OAKLAND AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS. So, good for you, SFPD! […]

ANYWAY, I need your help finding my car. Below I've assembled some artist's representations of places you might find it to help you look.

Keep your eyes peeled, everybody.