Ty Segall

Ty Segall's New Video Reminds Me Why I'm Repulsed By the Human Body

The naked human body: what an awful sight.  It's one that ought to be illegal.  And thanks to Ty Segall's new video for “Thank God For The Sinners,” I'm once again reminded that we're all just a pair of fangs and a million eyeballs away from being spiders.  Yuck-eee.

But, in all seriousness, this incredibly unsettling 3 minute psilocybin mushroom trip is the perfect way to kick-off The Day After.  I'm just disappointed that this army of hands didn't devolve into a synchronized “Here's The Church, Here's The Steeple” dance routine.

[via The Bay Bridged]

Ty Segall Goes Late Night

SF's very-own Ty Segall has been blowing up lately (which, I'm sure you already know, but it bears repeating).  He's cranked out 3 LPs this year—one of which is destine to wind up on various album-of-the-year lists, he'll be taking the stage at that festival on that old naval island in the middle of the bay this weekend, and he just dropped his latest album on Tuesday (which received a respectable 8.0 from noted album grader Pitchfork).  Apparently he even dedicated the latest record to San Francisco in the liner notes, which is real nice, even if no one really buys CDs and cassettes anymore.

But all that comes to a head next Tuesday, when Ty is scheduled to make his late night TV debut on Conan.  It'll be big for him, but awesome for us.  I mean, just watch how fucking weird it got when he did a network morning show in Chicago last week:

See?  Rules.  I can already see him just screaming “CONANNNNNNNN!!! COOOOOOONANNNNNNNNNN!!” at that goofy Irish dude over and over again.

11pm Tuesday on TBS (or Wednesday AM on YouTube).