The same old story: white people are terrified of other skin colors

Tech Nerds: East of Mission St. Isn't the Mission

Some startup bros recently made a 'helpful' map for aspiring entrepreneurs telling them where they should plant their next VC-funded failure.  The idea behind the map isn't necessarily bad, but the descriptions of each location demonstrates a basic lack of familiarity of San Francisco and some really fucked up low-level racism.  For example, how could some “<3” the Mission but not include anything east of Mission or south of 24th on the map?  Because it's dangerous at night?  Gringo, please.  Just because there are more brown people and hookers east of Mission doesn't mean it is particularly dangerous.  In fact the Mission, if anything, is safer than all the other fun neighborhoods.  Also, “hipsters on Valencia sometimes obnoxious”?  Really?  Maybe they look obnoxious, but I rarely see “hipsters” just running around trying to directly piss people off.  To me, it just sounds like you were just the kid no one ever invited to the party.