Pigs are People Too

SFPD Running a Sting on Cyclists Running Red Lights on Market

Just a heads up: there were a few cops on motorcycles needlessly slowing down people's commutes at Market and Turk earlier this morning and, as much as it pains me to say this, it seems as though people were deserving of whatever shit came their way: I watched a half dozen people casually cruise right past a pair of parked cops and through a red light. Of course, one of The Keepers of The Peace immediate hit his siren and pulled one of the riders over.

The particular incident I witnessed ended without a citation—the rider used the classic “I was just following everyone else” excuse and cop let her loose—but he was sure to pull up to the growing pack of riders at the next light and tell 'em what's up:

5-0: Everyone here knows it's illegal for cyclists to ride through a red light, right?  You have to obey the same rules as automobiles.

Me: Hey, I stopped at the light.

5-0: I know, but I want to make sure everyone here knows that car drivers pay a $450 fine for running a red.  Cyclists pay half of that.

*All the other riders just keep looking forward and keep their mouths shut*

Me: Are you guys cracking down like you did back in August?

5-0: … I'm just out here looking out for your safety.

Uh huh. Sure.

Even though cops were just issuing warnings today, it's worth noting that they haven't been so kind in the past, so keep your eyes open this week…

UPDATE: According to The Wigg Party, SFPD is cracking down on cyclists not coming to a complete stop at stop signs in The Wiggle over the next 6 weeks.  As Morgan said, “this is outrageous and it will not stand.”