Is Blogging Dead? Top 5 Epic Blogging Fails to LOL at Before You Die

Whenever a headline contains a question, the answer is almost always no. Or is it?

Yes, according to experts. But could they be wrong?

“Usually the experts are right about these things,” according to Dr. East Man, leading factologist. “Occasionally an expert will commit an epic fail by not disclosing bias, and sometimes a quote will even be fabricated for the win.”

Dr. Eastmen

For example, a recent article pondered, “Is Blogging Dead?” According to twitter user @lauriewrites

But twitter user @russelloavery strongly disagrees:

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Here are the top 5 epic blogging fails. Will they cause the next tech bubble? We report you decide:

  1. Andrew Sullivan vs. Trig Palin
  2. Jason Calcanis
  3. Aoliana Huffman
  4. Gamespot Fails
  5. Mission Mission v. NASA