Marketing fail

JELL-O's Pity Pudding Promotion Plays Out Poorly

SF Weekly was on the scene to see how the second place Super Bowl promotion played out:

The plan to unload large amounts of free food, often in San Francisco's grittier neighborhoods, went about how you'd think it would. A JELL-O commercial became an impromptu dispensary on Ninth and Market, as men and women in worn hoodies and grimy jeans groped with both arms into the pudding vat, carting off mass quantities of the ersatz dessert. “You're just supposed to take one!” snarled a pudding worker to a sunken-eyed woman smoking a cigarette down to the butt and loping away with a dozen pudding cups. JELL-O's smarmy tagline leading into their Loser Pudding giveaway was “nothing masks the bitter taste of defeat like the sweet taste of JELL-O Pudding!” Many of the folks helping themselves to armfuls of pudding apparently required extra large masks following strings of defeats a bit more consequential than losing some football game.

The workers regulating the flow of JELL-O to San Francisco's downtrodden population were polite and professional. But this was a rough gig. “I'd rather have a Vince Lombardi trophy, too,” admitted one. 

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