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London Breed Gives Up on Twitter, The Bike Vote, Having People Like Her

After a storied career as a caustic and crabby Twitter user and occasional District 5 Supervisor, London Breed shut down her unfettered Twitter account this afternoon amid accusations that she's unprofessional and generally thoughtless. Why?  London's straight-shooter and all-around dopey answer to a softball question about safe streets:

That's correct: a couple of human flat tires means all cyclists are undeserving of safe streets, or something like that.  Streetsblog breaks down the troubling sentiment:

The underlying assumption in this argument is that cycling is an activity for a distinct class of people, rather than just a way of getting around. According to this way of thinking, the city cannot implement proven redesigns that make streets safer for the general population until this “class” exhibits suitable behavior. Imagine if you applied the same logic to car infrastructure: No highway or garage would ever be built until we sorted out all the speeding, failure to yield, and distracted driving that kills thousands of Americans each year.

It seems London Breed decided she could no longer control her impulses—her judgment kaput—and she signed off for good.  And it's a shame, too.  We'll forever miss her implications that her constituents are pro-slavery, declarations of being SF's top party host, and general petulance.

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Sassy Supervisor London Breed Loses 'Fucking Control' on Twitter

District 5 Supervisor London Breed is perhaps still most famous for her awkwardly foul-mouthed campaign rant about how the Willie Brown/Rose Pak cabal doesn't “fucking control [her].”  (In her own words, “I don’t do what no motherfucking body tells me to do.”)  Now, she's keeping up her 'independent bad bitch' shtick, chewing out her lowly constituents on Twitter, needlessly pulling out the race card, and implying her detractors and evil wannabe slave-owners.

Her recent blunders follow her “Statement on '4/20' Celebrations in Golden Gate Park,” in which she decried the “drug abuse” and “non-medical marijuana use” of the event. Reader Cynthia fills us in:

Did anyone notice London Breed's tweets on Wednesday? She was on a roll. I happened to be tweeting with her as well, until I called her out on tweeting in Budget & Finance.

Me: When @mayoredlee is to the left of a D5 supervisor, it's kind of a fucked up day. #420 #ggp @LondonBreed
LB: seems to be a common occurrence for you. Sounds like a personal problem. The news always take things out of context.
Me: You know, @LondonBreed, maybe it is “personal”. I love my district. But the real issue is your stance, not me calling you out on it.
LB: all good. It's welcomed excitement in my life.
Me: Wait! @LondonBreed Are you tweeting while in Budget & Finance Committee?

— radio silence —

I mean, at least she didn't pull the slavery comment with me, as she did another person, but when would that ever be an appropriate response to a constituent?

Good question.  Here are some of her other best hits:

Today in District 5 News: Does London Breed Know Where D5 Is?

Debatable! Uptown Almanac's office at 19th & Valencia have been receiving mailers from District 5 candidate London Breed every single day for the last two weeks. Listen, we care about the kids of D5 as much as any other District 9 resident, but the quantity and frequency of these mailings is a litte excessive.

Some possible explanations:

  • London Breed doesn't know where District 5 is.
  • London Breed has lots of excess campaign funds with which to spread her message about the entire city.
  • Some intern is about to get suuuper fired for improper mail merging.