John Waters

John Waters on the Roxie: "You Can Masturbate in the Theater"

Among many other fine compliments, he even endorses fucking fellow ticket-buyer in the place.

(Oh, and this video is plugging the Roxie's current fundraiser (which UA will be helping raise money for at our Holiday Comedy Show on 12/18), which aims to raise $60k to help expand the theater's programming and be even more awesome.)

Noted Mustachio John Waters Spotted at The Uptown

After climbing out of a mid-90s LeBaron limo late last night, “The Pope of Trash” walked into the trashiest bar in the Mission while everyone pretended not to give a shit.  And after “not giving a shit” in hushed tones for a few minutes, everyone returned to their rapidly warming PBRs with the eager reluctance only faked nonchalance can inspire.