I'll remember this next time Critical Mass rolls around

Hippies fuck up my Friday commute home with their misdirected BP protest, resulting in more gas use.

SF Weekly reports that KevMo's hippie cyclist cohorts are planning some kind of anti-BP protest party that should start momentarily.  I do like parties and I do like protests against foreign dickwad oil companies, but what I don't like is when you assholes do it at the ARCO station at Divisadero and Fell at 5:30pm on a Friday afternoon.  

The section of Fell between the Octavia off-ramp and Divisadero is the kind of one-way corridor where if just one asshole decides to double-park, it dominos and the entire strip turns from a 5 minute drive into a 20 minute drive.  So fuck you for ruining my Friday and causing hundreds of motorists to spend even more time idling in their cars, burning even more gas.  Also fuck you for taking this out on an individual station owner; because he's totally to blame for BP's irresponsible policies, amirite?  Dick.

Also, here's a New York Times article to explain to you exactly why you're a misinformed dipshit.  I'd gladly do it, but I have to leave work early to deal with this shit storm you've created for me on Fell St.

As Jon Stewart would say, here's your moment of zen:

“We think that area could be put to better use, like a park, community garden or storefront.”

~Janel Sterbentz, event organizer.


[UPDATE: 8:00PM, 6/11/10]

I drove by around 6:30pm.  There was a fair turnout who were only partially obstructing the entrance to the station.  Traffic on Fell was noticeably slower, with serious congestion beginning around Steiner. 

Photo courtesy of my shitty cameraphone and the extra traffic that allowed me to take this pic.