Holiday Shitshow

Dude's Motorized Santa Sleigh Forgives the Rest of SantaCon's Follies

Unfortunately, I was out of town this year's Santacon, so I didn't get to witness the ritualistic ruination of thousands of ho-hum dipshits (jk!) participating in the festivities every San Franciscan is too cool to like.  And while I'm not particularly sorry about missing out on the final year of wrinkled old men in ass-less Santa suits prematurely triggering my gag reflex, I am bummed I didn't get to catch a ride on this guy's motorized Santa sleigh (even if it is drifting dangerously close to desecrating our bike lanes).

Sadly, there aren't any great close-up shots of this guy zigzagging down Valencia, but, in the spirit of the event, there is a solid blurry one.

[Photo by MrEricSir]