fuck. yes.

Sunflower to Open a Probably Legit Burmese Restaurant in Mariachi's Taqueria

The restaurant news along Valencia has been pretty shitty lately, so here's a slight pick-me-up: a tipster tells us that the folks from Sunflower Vietnamese a bought up the old Mariachi's Taqueria next-door and plan to turn it into their next cheap and assuredly delicious venture.

Not sure if this is out there yet or not, but Sunflower is apparently opening a Burmese joint in that shitty old Mariachi's Taqueria place in a month or two. Dunno much, but they're even bringing in a chef from Burma or Myanmar or whatever, so it'll prolly be legit.

Prolly legit! Sounds good to me!

[Photo by pensarepink]