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Rhea's Debuts New Sandwich Loosely Based On Mission Dogs

Earlier today, James Choi of Rhea's Deli, broke the word that they have created yet another sandwich to add to their rather massive deli roll call. This new sandwich has been dubbed “The Mission Street” and is inspired by everyone's favorite 2am regret: the bacon-wrapped hot dog.

We here at Uptown Almanac (aka me) took it upon ourselves (myself) to sample the newest addition to the clan, and immediately ordered one as soon as the news leaked out (also it was lunch time and we (I) was hungry). The sandwich looks like any other sandwich from Rhea's, but there's more than meets the eye between the Acme buns. The bacon is crispy, the cherry peppers are a delight, and the bbq sauce was not overkill—in fact it was just the right amount. Thankfully, it tastes nothing like the Mission dogs you ate Saturday night after stumbling out of Beauty Bar without a care in the world for your bowels. Nor does it contain any actual hot dogs - that has been replaced by regular old ham.

All in all, we (I)* would reccommend trying the Mission St sandwich. Go ahead, be adventurous and try something new for once.

*not an actual food blogger, so sorry for not talking about the “essence of the sandwich” or whatever you foodies say.