Beautiful and Terrifying Sunset Lights Up the Mission Before San Francisco Floods

Have you looked at Instagram in the last 10 minutes? Gazed out a window? No? Well, here's what you missed.

And the whole thing!

Growing up when I was real young, gross old people used to tell me “Red sky at night, sailor's delight.”  I guess that saying is only applicable on the East Coast, because San Francisco is about to load up a love boat full of mating pairs of every easily identifiable subculture (do I smell a Bold Italic backstory?) to carry on our fine cultural traditions.  The Department of Public Works is even giving out free sandbags to aid in keeping water out of businesses and other vital services.

If your property flooded before, there’s a good chance it could flood again,’’ DPW Director Mohammed Nuru said in a press release. “Come and get sandbags to prepare now.”

We here at Uptown Almanac also encourage you to stock up on water, Cheetos, batteries, candles and other various flammable material and cash in your remaining sick days, because it's going to be wicked wet.

Mexican Food For Marina Residents Headed to Valencia

Inside Scoop is reporting that Marina taco shop Tacolicious, along with a new tequila bar, is coming to Valencia @19th:

Assuming all goes to plan, owner Joe Hargrave is hoping for a late spring/early summer debut in the Mission. The second Tacolicious location will mirror the original in many ways, from the lively vibe to the farm-fresh purveyors to most of the menu itself

Executive chef Telmo Faria, who will oversee both locations, says that they’ll add a bicycle delivery service, ranging from 30th to 15th and Folsom to Dolores Park, or thereabouts. And just for laughs, the Marina Girl salad will be replaced by the Skinny Jeans salad.

It's going to be really interesting to see how this place does amongst countless real taquerias.  It makes sense that Tacolicious works on Chestnut because the Marina doesn't have any good Mexican food, but Valencia?  You'd think people wouldn't even bother.

Regardless of whether people will eat here or not, I'm most interested to see if the HipNimbys Chicken John FREAKS THE FUCK OUT that a Marina-based chain is invading Valencia Street.  After all, this is pretty much the 1967 Arab-Israeli War all over again

(link / illustration via Inside Scoop - Thanks for the tip, Henri!)