El Tonayense

The Bummer That is Parking in the Mission Nails El Tonayense Taco Truck

Parking in the Mission sucks.  It sucks so hard that we routinely circle the neighborhood in search of parking for dozens (dozens!) of minutes on end; rage building and building and building until we're screaming out our car windows like lunatic wolfpeople, hoping to scare someone into a frenzied getaway dash to their parked car just so we can take their damned spot.

Those very woes have finally come to torment the neighborhood's most valued parked vehicle, the taco truck.  When El Tonayense's truck rolled up to their usual spot at 17th and Harrison at 10am this morning, there was no where to plop the wheels down and start grilling up lunch.  So, like most rational people, they parked across the street in a loading zone while waiting for a spot to free up.

Thankfully, Mission Local's Rigoberto Hernandez was there to witness the awful scene that followed:

A leather goods company in front wouldn’t have any of it and asked the meter maids to force the truck out, which they did by issuing El Tonayense a parking ticket. The taco truck left, but came back an hour later after some of the cars moved from the westside curb.

It’s never happened before,” said one of the truck operators.

This is bullshit.  I refuse to live in a world in which The Best Meal On Four Wheels is forced to retreat back to the lot from which it came because it can't find parking.  Can someone get Scott Wiener on the case?