Capp St.

Benefit Show With Sweet Lineup to Support Capp St. Fire Victim

SF music maven and all-around sweetheart Ursula Boots was one of the three dozen people displaced in the December 29th Capp Street Fire.  A benefit concert is being held this Wednesday, February 20th (tomorrow) at Brick and Mortar Music Hall to help offset some of the setbacks the fire caused in this wonderful lady's life. Here's some more info about Ursula's situation: 

Rite Spot bartender (as well as ex Bottom of the Hill, Amoeba Records, SF Bay Guardian employee also former KFJC and KUSF dj) Ursula Boots aka Ursula Rodriguez house burned Dec. 29th in the 23rd and Capp Street fire after a neighbors house caught on fire then unfortunately burned a few of the houses near. A few days later Ursula was given 20 minutes to gather items from her fire and water damaged apartment but unbelievably someone broke into her car and lifted every last one of the few things she had been able to salvage. It's a shitty end to an especially shitty year for Ursula having lost everything in a house she'd lived in for 15 years in San Francisco. Finding a place and moving is tricky these days around here as rents have beyond sky-rocketed over what she was paying in her rent controlled apartment. There are so many long time San Francisco residents getting pushed out by the massive salaried Google, Facebook, Twitter big money accelerated rents beyond control (and reason). Ursula is essential to San Francisco and we need to do everything we can to help her get back on her feet as she tries to rebuild her life and find a home as well as show her that we care and support her in these exceedingly tough times.

Ursula has given so much to San Francisco over her countless years as a resident, in particular to the music community. 

If you cannot attend the event and/or are able to contribute more here please do. Ursula's paypal account is: Ursula Rodriguez at

There you have it, guys. Sliding-scale tickets available HERE

Residents Getting Bummed About Prostitution on Capp

Years ago, Mission District prostitutes were simply known as “Capp Street Hookers” for their preferred blocks of rape limbo.  Then came a series of police crackdowns, which more-or-less made the situation manageable.  But now they're back in force, so says an unsigned petition created by “residents” located near the 20th and Capp hooker parklet:

We, residents of the Mission near the intersection of Capp and 20th streets, are very concerned by the sudden increase in prostitution in our neighborhood.

As you know, Capp Street was once a locus of organized prostitution, but the hard work of the police and the community put a stop to that intolerable situation years ago.

But now, suddenly, it is back — complete with other types of associated criminality, fighting and yelling in the streets, and trash.

We find it unacceptable that we are woken up at night by screaming hookers, that we are endangered by the reckless driving of their customers and associates, that we have to step over used condoms in the morning with our children, and that we feel a sense of menace when we are walking home at night.

Since this is a sudden and new blight in our neighborhood, a criminal enterprise operated by people who are not from the community, we believe it should be relatively easy to nip it in the bud: simply patrolling Capp street frequently—especially on Friday and Saturday nights—and establishing a visible police presence here will scare off potential customers and make our streets an unprofitable place to undertake prostitution. 

As a Capp St. resident, I haven't really noticed the problem getting any worse over the last few months (although I've certainly noticed it).  Are they just exaggerating the scene to get some condoms cleaned up, or is this really getting out of hand?

[Photo by Zara Evens]