Burrito Bomber

Burrito Drone Strikes, Because Why Not?

Now that drones are capable of assassinating US citizens overseas, shouldn't they be able to air-drop me a burrito at 2am?  Of course they should.  And thanks to science and some other app-powered witchcraft, our toy soldiers returning home from Afghanistan will be able to find civilian employment.  Behold:

Unlike the fictitious Tacocopter, this actually seems real (or, at least, they have some source code and details on how to build on yourself).  But don't count on Farolito flying you natural laxatives anytime soon:

Unfortunately, Burrito Bomber as a commercial product is not yet allowed under current FAA guidelines. However, the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 requires the FAA to hammer out regulations for commercial use drones by September 2015. This means in 2015 we'll be able to take to the skies to bring you your burrito faster than you can say “¡Salsa roja por favor!”.

[Darwin Aerospace | via Eater]