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Brick & Mortar Music Hall Effectively Shut Down Over Sketchy Circumstances

UPDATE: Lawrence Le Blanc, Brick & Mortar's booker, tells us new soundproofing will go in Wednesday and “all is well.”

Despite being located in the shadow of the Central Freeway, the Entertainment Commission ruled Tuesday that Brick & Mortar Music Hall is too noisy and is only allowing the club to remain open under burdensome circumstances.  The Examiner reports:

The restrictions stem from nearly two years of complaints by neighbors of the venue on Mission Street near Duboce Avenue who say they have heard noise from the concert hall since it opened.

Following an hourlong discussion, the commission voted to approve numerous restrictions for the club, including limiting entertainment hours from 5 p.m. until 12:30 p.m. on weekends and 5 p.m. until 11:30 p.m. on weekdays. The sound levels of the club may also not exceed 80 decibels, which is about the level of a garbage disposal.

At the hearing, the owners explained they had already invested $50,000 in soundproofing, however the commission demanded the club schedule additional soundproofing by June 15—despite some neighbors defending the club, saying noise issues have improved.  Additionally, Brick & Mortar claims to have never received a complaint or police citation.

Brick & Mortar's owners allege the heavy-handed restrictions are not in fact over sound issues, but over their refusal to employ the Entertainment Commission's lone inspector's private security company, Yojimbo Protection Services.  In an interview with the SF Weekly, Brick & Mortart's owner Jason Perkins claims the club's troubles began last fall when he declined to hire Yojimbo at the inspector's urgings.

“I think if I hired his security company we would not have had one complaint,” Perkins says.

Other club owners, speaking off the record, report similar occurrences. One says [Inspector Vajra Granelli] referred him to a partner at Yojimbo to hire security for a nightclub. The owner hired the firm, but soon found that it was too expensive. After he replaced the firm, the club began getting noise and security citations from Granelli, according to the owner.

“The reason why clubs hire this person is because they [the entertainment commission] leave us alone,” he says.

The corruption has left Perkins frustrated and ready to throw in the towel. “We will close,” he told the Examiner. “We’ve got four other venues to run, it’s not worth it.”

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Benefit Show With Sweet Lineup to Support Capp St. Fire Victim

SF music maven and all-around sweetheart Ursula Boots was one of the three dozen people displaced in the December 29th Capp Street Fire.  A benefit concert is being held this Wednesday, February 20th (tomorrow) at Brick and Mortar Music Hall to help offset some of the setbacks the fire caused in this wonderful lady's life. Here's some more info about Ursula's situation: 

Rite Spot bartender (as well as ex Bottom of the Hill, Amoeba Records, SF Bay Guardian employee also former KFJC and KUSF dj) Ursula Boots aka Ursula Rodriguez house burned Dec. 29th in the 23rd and Capp Street fire after a neighbors house caught on fire then unfortunately burned a few of the houses near. A few days later Ursula was given 20 minutes to gather items from her fire and water damaged apartment but unbelievably someone broke into her car and lifted every last one of the few things she had been able to salvage. It's a shitty end to an especially shitty year for Ursula having lost everything in a house she'd lived in for 15 years in San Francisco. Finding a place and moving is tricky these days around here as rents have beyond sky-rocketed over what she was paying in her rent controlled apartment. There are so many long time San Francisco residents getting pushed out by the massive salaried Google, Facebook, Twitter big money accelerated rents beyond control (and reason). Ursula is essential to San Francisco and we need to do everything we can to help her get back on her feet as she tries to rebuild her life and find a home as well as show her that we care and support her in these exceedingly tough times.

Ursula has given so much to San Francisco over her countless years as a resident, in particular to the music community. 

If you cannot attend the event and/or are able to contribute more here please do. Ursula's paypal account is: Ursula Rodriguez at

There you have it, guys. Sliding-scale tickets available HERE