The average Mission apartment is $31,740?!? Time to get a second job...

Rental Prices Wwwaayy Up in Every Neighborhood You Want to Live In

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Perhaps not much of a surprise here, but it's still somewhat jarring to learn that in just one year (from Q1 2011 compared to Q1 2012), apartment rentals are up 29% in the Mission, 65% in Bernal, 53% in Western Addition, and up by double digits pretty much everywhere else.  This all is according to Lovely (in conjunction with CurbedSF), “a local apartment hunting site, [which] compiled the data using figures based on indexed apartment listings posted on Craigslist.”

From Curbed:

It should be pointed out that while sometimes an apartment is listed for $2,000 but is rented for $1,800 or $2,200, we feel like the numbers are still very close to accurate. The norm is not to list an apartment for $5,000 and then take $1,000 instead.

It's also worth noting that the Mission is regaining its reputation as one of the “cheaper” (cough) “hip” (puke) neighborhoods: Bernal and Western Addition have all climbed ahead in average rental prices, Potrero Hill has soared past, and Bayview is hot on the Mission's tail.