Another Ugly Building Headed for Valencia

I was walking past 18th and Valencia yesterday and thought to myself, “man, this street could really use another bland tall building with plastic siding!”  Then as I came to the intersection of 20th, I saw a notice for a public hearing about a new building.  Dream come true!

Okay, sarcasm aside, this is pretty much an empty lot and its only redeeming qualities is the rad Hugh Leeman wheatpaste that Dan Plasma sidebusted and some people sell cool VHS tapes there on the weekend.  And yeah, no one is going spend the cash to build something brick or Victorian that actually fits the neighborhood's aesthetic.  But still, that's some ugly shit!

(photos via SocketSite)

Get Yer House Painted!

Local artist Andy Stattmiller has brought his rad style from his “Take a ride on the 49…” paintings and is applying it to SF's beeeeeeeautiful architecture.  Best of all, he'll paint a portrait of your pad if you give him the requisite amount of cash.  If your house is a Victorian in the Haight, you'll be left with a lovely reminder of your fine San Francisco digs and the Humboldt County dirtbags who defecate on your doormat for years to come.  And if you live in a fancy new condo, you'll have yourself a pricey reminder of how dull the exterior of your $600,000 mistake is.

Get the details on how to commission a painting over at Andy's blog.