another classic Mission instituion bites the dust

Ace Cafe Gets Booted By

I know this is somewhat old news, but feel free to read on anyway.  After leaving Broke-Ass Stuart's party last night, I figured I'd swing into Ace Cafe for a Dirty Hippie on dutch crunch with a healthy side of onion rings and cold beer.  Imagine my horror as I walked up to a locked gate on the door of one of the Mission's best bar n' grills and a renovation permit application notice slapped up on the window.

From a friend with a grip of knowledge of the local bar scene:

Kink owns the spot and raised the rent to some exorbitant figure. They tried to negotiate, but no go. Heard it was a real dickish sitch. And it's probably just going to be another porn set.

I loved that place too.  Those blue cheese fries and Elvira pinball will definitely be missed.

Some cursory googling backs this claim up and suggests the owners have been looking for a new location for the past few months.  The permits on the side of the building don't specify if the space will remain a bar or become a private porn set; regardless, I doubt anyone will be eating a mean helping of garlic and cheese fries at 14th and Mission anytime soon.

[Photo via Mapjack]