500 Club

500 Club Photobooth On The Move

So where is it going? Are they refurbishing it? Sending it to go swim with the fishes at Toxic Beach and replacing it? Maybe taking it for a walk to air it out after years of drunken Missionites spilling beer and making out inside of it?

Unfortunately, I was too busy taking this picture illegally to ask. 

Migratory Patterns Between Four Bars in One Day

Wendy MacNaughton over at The Rumpus has put together a solid pictorial of mission bars from the eyes of bartenders.  While the whole thing is worth checking out, one of the best parts was the segment dealing with regulars never staying at one bar.  I've done that fourth dance a few times myself, only sub Delirium for another bar that isn't a perpetual nightmare.

[The Rumpus, h/t Mission Mission]