Large Fire Is Ripping Through Mission Street Dollar Stores

The plastic-smelling smoke currently whafting through Southern Mission is coming from a fire in two Mission Street dollar stores between 22nd and 23rd. Details are sketchy, but buildings across the street, including the US Bank Building, have been emptied out due to the smoke. We’ll update if we learn more.

Update: It is now a three-alarm fire:

Update 2:05pm: The fire seems to be spreading, as far sound as the Payless and Verizon stores, and making its way torwards the Sketcher’s store at the corner. Smoke is still billowing from the burning buildings:

The smoke has reportedly “blanketed” Potrero Hill, and has filled most of Inner Mission.

According to Mission Local, this is one of the worst fires seen in the Mission in recent years. We agree with that assessment.

Update 2:20pm: Fifth alarm:

[Second and third photos via tipsters]

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I’m not usually one to jump to accusations in lieu of solid proof, but certain recent fires in the ultra-hot real estate market that is the current Mission District seem awfully conveeeeenient, if you take my meaning.

unfortunately, this was also the first thing that popped into my head.

Considering one of the shop’s owners was weeping on the sidewalk, I doubt she started it.

To jump to this conclusion immediately,  however, is to ignore that many of the buildings in that vicinity haven’t exactly been carefully kept up to code.

…Local Cynic - I really hope you’re wrong.  That would be horrible karma.


I won’t jump to accusations, but there were a rash of fires in the nineties, and that they were arson was something of an open secret (a way to push tenants out of commercial spaces).

And just a note: 23rd and Mission is the Inner Mission, south of Army is “South Mission,” and 16th and Mission is “North Mission” (not inner mission). Excelsior and Outer Mission are not the same thing, South Mission or “Up Mission” is also not the Outer Mission. Outer Mission is where Balboa Park/City college is, and goes as far south as the Daly City border. There is significant confusion of these terms by transplants, because North Mission has become such a notable location in recent years, skewing the perspective of the general orientation and relationship of adjacent neighborhoods–but by no means literally altering the geographic reality.