A Truly Noble Cause

SFPD Calls Out Kids Running Donation Scam in Dolores Park

We’ve been seeing these kids roll through Dolores Park for years now, hitting up gullible boozers for cash for everything from “jerseys for our basketball team” to “tickets to get to Reno for a football tournament.”

Well, according to both the Boys & Girls Club and SFPD, this is an ongoing city-wide scam. So consider yourself warned, and save your loose bills for a more noble park cause (like getting blitzed on those rum-filled coconuts from that dreadlocked machete-wielding guy).

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(can’t help but respect their innovation *turns up “Hell Yeah” by Dead Prez*)

They’re also regularly at the various Safeways.  I’ve seen them at both the Church/Market store and at 16th and Bryant.