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Planning Department to Hold Public Meeting on the Future of Mission Street

This Thursday, August 7th, the Planning Department is holding its second public meeting to discuss the Mission Street Public Life Plan. Not familiar with the Mission Street Public Life Plan? The Planning Department provides the following project overview to bring us up to speed:

The Mission Street Public Life Plan is looking at how Mission Street is currently used and is exploring new ideas that can express the needs and identity of its users. […]

The plan will create new opportunities for gathering spaces along the corridor while supporting transit service, and will promote local art and business as expressions of the unique identity of the street. Ideas will be developed for and with the Mission District community and through partnerships newly formed. The Plan will be a resource for community organizations and local stewards to celebrate this iconic street with creative street furnishings, art installations about history and evolving identities, storytelling, and gathering.

It sounds like more local art and new opportunities for gathering spaces (parklets?) along Mission Street are key elements of the plan.

Taking place from 6:00 to 8:00pm at The Women’s Building, this Thursday’s meeting has the following specific agenda:

[We] will explore how street furniture, art, seating and events could create new ways to gather and to celebrate the cultural history of this important street. We will also discuss the latest community conversations on commerce, art and maintenance for the 16th BART plaza.

If the future of Mission Street is important to you (or if you just really want to help secure your future of chilling out on public seating), then this Thursday’s meeting is a great opportunity to make your voice heard.

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Great, more wooly thinking from city planners, encouraged by businesses looking to make a land grab for public land under the cover of parklets. anything to distract from the odd juxtaposition of gang violence and creeping gentrification, as occurred on Valencia.

That’s just bananas. 

I can’t WAIT for the parklets to spring up around 16th and Mission!