Lazy Foodies Unite

Pay Someone Else to Wait in Line for You While You Browse Menu Options On Your Dedicated App at San Francisco's Most Authentic Street Food Festival Ever

Love basking in the reflected hipness that is street food, but hate the hassle of, you know, actually being on the street? Well then you’re in luck, because this Saturday’s Street Food Festival in the Mission has you covered.

For a mere $25.00, you can comfortably sip spritzes in a fenced-off area while a “runner” waits in line to purchase food on your behalf. The festival website explains:

As you enjoy your complimentary drinks, food runners will take your food order from the festival footprint so you don’t have to stand in line!

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “this sounds great and all, but if I can’t visually confirm a food’s Instagrammability from my private seated area, how will I know it’s worth buying?” 

Enter the SF Street Food Festival App:

Promising “inside access to festival games and contests,” the 2014 6th Annual San Francisco Street Food Festival App allows you to plan out your menu in advance, and provides a more meaningful way to connect with local sponsors like Google, Wells Fargo, and Wild Turkey Bourbon. 

You have to hand it to the increasingly unfortunate Street Food Fest: they’ve managed to combine the two things San Francisco loves most (twee foodie pretension and worthless apps, natch) in service of what is clearly the most authentic street food experience SF has to offer.

Get it while it’s hot.

[Photo: SF Gate]

Comments (4)

Haha, so great.  The street food here isn’t even notable.  I remember the first time I explored that scene in Portland I was pretty shocked at what they can pull off.  I won’t be attending this.

$25.00 to miss out on an opportunity of potentially being photographed for a local blog?  They’ve gotta consider their demographic. 

Because nothing says “street food” like apps and paying $25.

What does say street food, or at least what street food has become in mega-rich urban centers like San Francisco and Manhattan?

Because I think this pretty much nails it.