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Go See Killing My Lobster’s New Live-Action Radio Show

Killing My Lobster Goes Radioactive is another strong showing from the SF sketch comedy stalwart. The organization shook things up on May 1st of this year when Allison Page and Millie Debenedet became the first-ever female creative directors in the organization’s history. Whatever they changed, it’s working. Their latest show is fast paced, interesting, and hilarious. There are no overly complicated sets, no breaks, and great performances all around.

The whole thing is set up like an old timey radio show, complete with a live foley artist—who is absolutely fucking fantastic, by the way. I have no idea where the hell they got him, but the show is worth the price of admission just to see The Reverend LordRifa in action—the dude loves what he does. This is the final week to catch the show, and advance tickets are $15. Protip: you get a free beer for showing up on Wednesday.

[Photo: Rowan Brooks]

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