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Pal's Takeaway is Bringing Their Sandwiches Back to Tony's Market

Pal’s Takeaway has always been one of the few spots that can get away with charging $12 sandwich. The price is extravagant, sure, but the unmatched quality always made up for it.  However, when Pal’s left Tony’s Market for a wine bar down the street, it always felt like something was lacking (the addition of the restaurant’s tables were nice, I guess. But it always feels more appropriate to order a sandwich from a liquor store deli counter).

It wasn’t just the vibe that changed after the move. Pal’s Jeff Mason noticed customers weren’t coming in for sandwiches as often either. So he’s moving Pal’s back to the deli counter where he made a name for himself. Via SF Eater:

While he enjoyed having the space at La Movida, he feels that his core customer base, the hospital workers at SF General, haven’t been making the trek farther to 24th and Folsom to have lunch at Pal’s. He’d remained friends with Tony’s owner Kasa Meherle, and when Meherle expressed a desire to have Mason back, he decided to return Pal’s to its hospital-adjacent original home, at 24th and Hampshire.

However, Inside Scoop reports that Pal’s will be bringing tables back to Tony’s Market:

Mason is working with market owner Kasa Meherle to get the space up to par, and then some. Among the fixes are the requirements needed to get health department approval, namely replacing wooden shelves with metal ones. There will also be some al fresco tables on the sidewalk.

The move will be completed by August 11th. But we better enjoy it while we can: Mason is looking to create his own restaurant, and is already looking at possible locations in South Park and the East Bay.

[Photo: boringtime, via Eater]