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Clothes Contact on the Chopping Block

I guess this isn’t much of a surprise: Valencia Street’s stalwart by-the-pound used clothing store is closing this fall. According to a Craigslist listing for the space, the $14,000-per-month ground floor retail space is available in two months:

Great Frontage on Valencia and 16th. Nice three story building with great potential. Space will vacate approx 60 days… Possible to double space with full basement.

Sources tell Uptown Almanac was the place to buy bulk Hawaiian shirts (ironically, we’re assurded). Looks like we’ll have to score our used grabs at Thirft Town, Community Thrift, and Buffalo Exchange going forward.

[via Larissa Archer, Mission Mission]

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As much of a bummer as this is (in the larger, grand-scheme-of-things sense // the shop’s selection was large but mediocre), let’s not pretend there aren’t a ton of other used clothing options around the city.  Leave the mission.

Yeah, it’s no disaster (as mentioned in the post, there are three other fine thrift stores–and there are more than just those). But still, raising the rent on that space to $14,000? Damn.

Agreed.  Curious what the rent was prior..

I heard a rumor it’s a new restaurant called East of West of Pecos.

North East of West of Pecos. NEWP.

God, remember when upstairs was Epicenter.

“If it’s not political punk, it’s crap!”

Uh…OK Tim.

totally. when epicenter closed they posted fliers around the neighborhood that said “we’d rather die on our feet than live on our knees.” 

i don’t live in SF anymore BUT I will mourn clothes contact from afar. the best thing about that place is that they always had endless amazing patterned curtains from the 60s and 70s. think crazy orange space age mad men stylings. there are other thrift stores i this world, but i’ve never found anywhere else with such a great selection of curtains.

Ah yes I saw my first couple of shows at Epicenter when I moved to SF in 1997. That place didn’t make it to the 21st century did it

I’m actually surprised it was still here then. I would have guessed it closed in ‘95. 

While I would have liked to see this area in the 80s (specifically) and early to mid 90s, I didn’t realize the age of the readers of this blog is so high

That’s why we complain a lot, mazafakka!

Bummer. Bought all my tighty-whities by the pound there. Most only had one or two spots on them!

The last time I was there, I realized that the staff was doing lines of coke with her friends on the checkout counter as I was browsing the blouse section. 

That it SO HOT!

If I were one of you, evictees, I’d go snatch up any place I could wrangle for under $1200 in Excelsior / Crocker-Amazon.

Those places are still not overrun by $14 pisco-sour bars.

You dont want to live in Visitacion valley, now do you? ;)

visitacion valley

Damn!  Clothes Contact is an institution of SF mission in the 80’s.  Even then, their clothes were pricey, but there would be some groovy 60’s gear.  damn SF!