The Heat is Too Damn High

Hackers Close City

Despite being a mild inconvenience for city workers and drivers with an irrational fear of Godzilla, someone with a sense of humor and the know-how to reprogram construction signage has been going around San Francisco doing just that.

Honestly, they’re doing everyone a favor.  The heat is too damn high—Godzilla might as well be torching the Marina in this weather.  City closed.

(And please do excluse the light post volume this week.  We’ll be back up to speed tomorrow.)

[Godzilla Photo: Zach Perkins]

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“Hacking” in this case is just breaking open the lock on the front and plugging in a keyboard.


I’ve been waiting for someone to hack the Bay Bridge lights.  I mean, without question the Bay Area, and probably San Francisco itself, houses the best computer programmers in the entire world.  A lot of them are in their 20s or early 30s, does no one think it would be hilarious having such a huge canvas to play with?  Maybe getting into the system is harder than I think, like physically getting access, maybe you dont need phyiscal access though?

The control system is underwater, for safety.  You need a sub to access it.

Couldn’t the Godzilla one simply be some weird marketing trick for that daft new film that, I believe, takes place in SF? Or am I just that paranoid about the lengths people will go to in order to promote their wares.

Graffiti kids have been doing this for years….figures it’s just getting to the Citizens. Hacking? - please.

By the way, Kevin - this site is not ‘back up to speed tomorrow’ .

Hackers Close Uptown Almanac

Six days - no updates.

Fickle rats are jumping ship.

I think Kevin and Allan had a fight for KingBlog, Allan won.

Allan’s isn’t a blog, it’s a Yelp mirror. We need UA back!

mediocrity usually wins

It’s true, I’m starting at Valleywag June 2nd.  UA isn’t going anywhere, but the timing between getting a new job, wrapping up my responsibilities at my current day job, and going on vacation in Mexico (where my connection to the internet was less than ideal) meant I didn’t have a grip of time for the blog.

Picking things back up today.  The blog is going to re-focus on neighborhood + cultural happenings, as I’ll be focusing on tech/yada for Gawker.