Gun Scare Hits Dolores Park Playground

A tipster sends this facebook post our way:

Two guys fighting with guns in Dolores park, right next to the playground!!! Tones of kids!!! WTF!!!!! I am in shock!!! Right in my neighborhood park!!! No mas!!!!!

We don’t have any details, other than it happened around 1pm this afternoon, but multiple tweets corroborate:

We’ll update when we learn more.

Update: Karen Solomon tweets, “Three guys tried to pull a holdup with a realistic-looking bbgun. Cops got ‘em. No injuries. Just a lot of scared kids.”

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All you guys that wish you lived in the pre-tech bubble mission, well welcome to a taste


your agenda is showing. 

I do.


I, too, always try to bring conversations back to my obsession with certain subjects.

don’t worry folks, this was just some “youth” out playing with a “toy” and the City of San Francisco and the Sherrif’s dept spends millions of dollars to make sure these kind of people are well protected: 

“a 14-year-old boy, was referred by San Francisco to immigration for having a BB gun at school.  His father had given the toy to him as a gift because of his improvements at school. The boy was planning on playing cops and robbers with his friends at the park after school.”

see:  kid’s play

never mind that this “toy” was not purchased at a toy store because it is illegal in California so had to be obtained illegally.

This headline is tailor made fuel for the anti-fun, Dolores Park buzzkill crusade that has been gaining so much traction lately under the direction of DPWorks and Wiener.

Right in MY neighborhood park? Your neighborhood? You really think you know the Mission. People think the Mission is all fancy restaurants, gourmet ice cream and tech start-ups. Surprise people! It’s not sunny days for everyone here. Don’t you see it? People are suffering here. There are problems that an app will not solve. Get your head out of your Iphone.

Personal pronouns make me angry as well.


Soupman @ Dolores Park!!!

Am hiding for yr life!!!!!!!