Warriors Surrender, Gentrifiers Displaced, Activists (Mis)Remembered and Burrito Justice

San Francisco’s “Manhattanization” is cool with columnist Carl Nolte and former planner Jasper Rubin because “the younger people like tall buildings.” And just in case you thought moving to the East Bay wouldn’t mean losing touch with your community in San Francisco, Carla Marinucci left the city so long ago she seems to have missed the fact that no one’s seen a Mission Yuppie Eradication Project sticker in over a decade. [SFGateSFGate]

Speaking of the Mission Yuppie Eradication Project, in the great gentrification-displacement circle of life, some tenants who moved into commercial spaces that were converted into live-work lofts during the dot-boom are now facing evictions themselves.  [Examiner]

Retired United States District Court Judge Vaughn Walker talks about 2010’s Proposition 8 trial ahead of the release of “Forcing the Spring: Inside the Fight for Marriage Equality,” a new book about the case coming out tomorrow. [SFGate]

Only hours after being called out for trying to keep the douchiest details about self-styled startup playboy and admitted abuser Gurbaksh Chahal off of Wikipedia, his Los Angeles PR firm apparently wouldn’t stop trying to keep hiding his domestic violence conviction from the record. [SF Appeal]

The Golden State Warriors are taking their plans for an arena from Pier 30 to Mission Bay, where it bought a 12-acre lot from Salesforce. The team hopes to have the stadium ready for the season starting in 2018. [Curbed SF]

Justice for Alex Nieto is organizing its first “Burritos on Bernal,” starting at 5pm today in Precita Park and planned for the 21st of following months, as well. Bring your own burrito and then join the memorial march up the hill at 6pm. [Justice for Alex Nieto]

Crushing the dreams of at least one underemployed Uptown Almanac contributor, this listing from Bayview-based City Grazing for a job as a goatherd says “You must have experience handling goats or similar livestock.” Does Goat Simulator count? [Craigslist, via Ken Layne]

[Photo Greg Dewar]