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Technicolor Wizard Pilots Magic Bus Into Parked Cars, Shockingly Fails Sobriety Test

Proving that anyone ridiculous enough to relive Ken Kesey’s journey shouldn’t have a license, a tipster writes in about Friday’s four car accident at 22nd and Harrison:

The “Magic Bus” plowed into a row of cars parked on the street. Driver of the bus (who was wearing a technicolor wizard hat) failed a sobriety test and got carted off in a squad car.

Happy Easter, everyone!

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Thank you for this.

This answers my question about why he was crawling along at 1 MPH, headed north on Buchanan Street at about 11:45 AM.

Yep, my car is ruined. Just found it ruined on easter. This wizard needs to pay!!!!!!!!!

Was it ever explained why this site changed to a shittier version of its former self???


People have been saying this since we launched.