Birdie in a Bucket

Some Things Never Change

Cultural observer and Van Ness expert David Enos shares this mushy tale of change:

They have dismantled the 70’s-futurist exterior of 100 Van Ness and turned it into a gleaming glass tower of 400 luxury condos.  Passing by this nightmare, I almost stepped on a coffee cup with the feet of a dead pigeon sticking out.  Someone handled a dead pigeon in order to cram it entirely inside a coffee cup and leave it in the middle of the sidewalk.  Certain aspects of Van Ness will probably never change.

Be sure to follow his Tumblr (remember those?) for other insights, including this grim take on modern day Muni travel.

[Photo: Sergio Ruiz]

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Trying to wrap my grammatical mind around “Somethings never change.” I like it.

Yeah, that was a pretty fun error!

Since a completely vacant skyscraper is better than housing. Adaptive reuse is evil.

I wonder if the future residents of this and the NEMA realize how horrifically windy this little 4-6 square blocks can get. While that might seem like a minor issue to some, it gets really annoying at times - like the past few days. Walking around gets unbearable on Market between Van Ness and 8th Street; same can be said for Van Ness between Market and Grove.