Skunky Jesus, Stoner Tech, Uber Squeeze and Dressing Da Mayor

Sister Roma, pictured above back in 2004, has been hosting San Francisco’s longest-running male beauty pageant, the Hunky Jesus contest, for over a decade.  It’s moving to Golden Gate Park this year due to Dolores Park renovations. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are celebrating their 35th anniversary, with Jesus-related events all weekend. [The Sisters]

The SFPD is also going to be in plainclothes drag at the party to harsh your buzz if you’re caught drinking, littering or smoking at Golden Gate Park for this year’s 420 celebrations after last year’s party proved to be an expensive mess. [Examiner]

Thankfully, Silicon Valley has tasked the best minds of a generation to come up with new and better ways to vaporize, uh, tobacco. Volatilize and carboxylate your cannibinoids the new-fashioned way while you still can. [Wired]

In more anniversaries, today marks the 108th year since The Great Earthquake and Fire of 1906, not to be confused with The Great Fire of 1849, or any of the other, many conflagrations that have threatened to destroy San Francisco since. [The Bold Italic]

Apparently Uber wasn’t bothering to run basic background checks on any of their drivers, so now you’ll be paying an extra dollar per ride for the peace of mind that in case something goes wrong, Uber can further limit their exposure to liability. [GigaOm(Incidentally, Uber also started charging drivers a $40 monthly “mobile data” fee for the phones required by the service.)

A new Field Poll suggests that support for Proposition 13 might be slipping as young people realize that maybe systematically defunding California’s public sector wasn’t such a sustainable plan after all. [Sacramento Bee]

Say what you will about Da Mayor, and goodness knows we all do, he is a local fashion icon. What does it take to look as good as Willie Brown?  A trip to Wilkes Bashford and lots of money from private-sector consulting arrangements. [SF Weekly]

[Photo: Sister Roma]

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If you think the Ellis Act is leading to some shitty situations regarding long-time residents being kicked out?

You are going to shit yourself when you see what repealing Prop 13 does to the tax bills of senior citizens living on fixed incomes.

It’s great news that more people are aware of Prop 13 and all the budgetary trouble it has caused, and all the senior services we have had to cut because of it. No other state has property taxes frozen at 1979 levels. Nice attempt to frighten, but readers are wising up.

property taxes aren’t frozen at 1979 levels unless you bought the house in 1979. in sf, property taxes are based at roughly 1.13% of the most recent sale price. most property has changed hands since 1979.

if prop 13 is “softened,” rent control will be “softened” too – make no mistake about that. be cafeful what you wish for.

Sorry, I emant 1975 levels, “The proposition decreased property taxes by assessing property values at their 1975 value and restricted annual increases of assessed value of real property to an inflation factor, not to exceed 2% per year. It also prohibited reassessment of a new base year value except for in cases of (a) change in ownership, or (b) completion of new construction.”

No other state has such a huge tax break and we pay for it each year with cut after cut. Save your platitudes and fear monegring for SFGate.

We could still remove the commercial loophole and inheritance clause and make a big dent in the problem without kicking Grandma out of her home.