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Riding a Cable Car (On a Skateboard)

The latest SF video from Thrasher is beyond rad.  “Moving Violation” advises that you “don’t just play IN traffic, play ON traffic,” and that’s exactly what they do: riding of the hoods of a SFMTA Interceptor and Sheriff’s van, grinding on the back of truck lifts, all before skating through a cable car.  A surefire must see:

[via shimshang]

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Intensified Schraplage!!!!!!!!

As a non skating (I haven’t skated in years and was never any good) middle aged law abiding citizen  and educator, I thought this was fantastic. Cringed at hood slides, but the whole thing was a vertiable smorgasborg of good times. 

Not so psyched about when they spraypainted some random windshield? And all the hood antics in general.