Another Reason to Sit Around Waiting For the UPS Man

Rainbow Grocery Gets Into the Online Ordering Game

I love Rainbow Grocery because everytime I shop there, I can pretend I’ve been to Burning Man.  Also, the staff is wonderful and they have quite the cheese selection.

Alas, everyone’s favorite worker-owned meat-free market has been feeling the pressure from Amazon Prime, Google Shopping Express, and all the other delivery startups that’ll be partying with Jesus after the next investor rapture.  So Rainbow Grocery, never one to shy away from the whims of the consumer, has partnered with Instacart “beginning today” to ship bulk olives and confusing medicines right to your door!

“Though we’re sure not every member of the crunchy co-op will be thrilled about their new techie bent,” Eater SF points out.  Which is maybe true?  Pizza places have been delivering goods (pizza, soda, dime bags) for years without succumbing to the scourge of self-importance.  So whatever keeps the sample cheese platter stocked will be o-kay.

[Photo: Amit GuptaEater SF]

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Perhaps this will pose an unintended solution to the recent wave of nerds messing with my shopping experience. I like to listen to Joy Division and shop bulk in peace without tech money trying to rub elbows with me to feel like they’re a part of the change… or whatever.

Rest assured I could not conceivably have less interest in your elbows, Gina. I’m trying to buy my groceries like everyone else.