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Protester Climbs Atop Yahoo Shuttle, Barfs on Windshield

If yesterday’s clown-studded ‘Gmuni’ dance party wasn’t bizarre enough for you, the protests reached guttural new levels this morning as a “protester on [the] roof of [a] Yahoo bus vomited on the windshield.”  Okay then!

(Meanwhile, the environmental review challenge to the $1-per-stop fee proposal for tech shuttles went down in flames at the Board of Supervisors yesterday.  It’s looking like it’s time to move on.)

[Photo: The Red Son]

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Nothing to see here. Move on…

Dude, I WAS eating my lunch.

While spectacles like this look fun and get headlines, they alienate midde-of-the-road voters and ultimately hurt the cause. 


I love this. These clowns are completely self-destructing!

“activists” in Oakland always have to run the train off the tracks. This is self defeating stupidity.