It Lives!

La Rondalla Actually Opens

We never thought it would actually happen but, here we are: La Rondalla has made good on their latest “coming soon” claim.  Their front door is wide open (although no one was inside), and the place is decked out in “Grand Opening” regalia.

As previously reported, they definitely did dial down the kitsch (it’s mostly Corona promotional hand-outs), but considering the jury-rigged, college dorm-quality bedsheet banner flopping down their wall, we imagine the place will be livened up in no time.

Naturally, we’re intent on slamming our faces with enchiladas as soon as possible.  We’ll let you know how it goes.

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well  I stand corrected. I’ll try it out asap! hopefully it will be awesome and it will do well.

The spray painted sheet reminds me of the “I assure you we’re still open!” one from Clerks lol.

I walked by today while the owner was painting the sign and he said they are opening May 1st and having an opening party on Cinco de Mayo… but he also said it doesn’t matter what day it when you are drunk so I’m optimistic that the margaritas will be powerful!


I said I’ll believe it when I see it, but I’m not sure I do yet.  Needs time to sink in.

What is the address?

If you have to ask….