Gentricle Reviewed, Landlords Sued, Googler Roasted and Serg Spotted

Burrito Justice laments “oh dear god what have I done” as Vic Wong finds a realtor advertising a 2-bedroom, 2-bath “urban oasis” for $849,000 to folks who want to LiveInLaLengua dot com. [@vicwomg]

A Googler and his Googly friends had enough of a sense of humor about themselves to play the archetype in a comedy roast, but his employer “said they were concerned for (the Googler’s) safety.” In the end, everyone had a good laugh. [SFGate]

The San Francisco Tenants Union is going after seven landlords who have allegedly converted their buildings into illegal hotels using Airbnb, two of whom used the Ellis Act to clear out the pesky tenants first. [San Francisco Tenants Union]

Not afraid to be servicey, TK reviews Laurie Penny’s gentrification article for the New Statesman in the style of Pitchfork, giving it a 5.5 out of 10. No word on whether Coachella is planning a live set of San Francisco thinkpiece readings on the main stage next year. [40 going on 28]

Da Mayor and the mayor are officially at odds over keeping parking in San Francisco metered on Sundays, with Willie Brown in favor and Ed Lee still kind of opposed. [SFGate, SFist]

Now that bros are the new hipsters — an homogenized “other” to be mocked and scorned with impunity — beloved Brolores Park author Kate Losse offers a nuanced deconstruction of the “brogrammer” meme that unites Carles with critical theory. [Kate Losse]

Uptown Almanac contributor and Stay Hatin podcaster Serg Ornelas has been reviewing his wife Stef’s stupid record collection because sexism. [Vice]

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I love the hypocrisy of everyone, every blog and every thing mentioned.

Is this the new Mission Local?!

I think SFist is the website you meant.

No you don’t. You don’t love anything.

What? They Ellis-acted and then airbnb-ed? How is that not wrongful eviction? Short-term renting is renting…