Picture Party

Free Tacos and Beer Saturday at Chrome's Mission Shop Opening

Chrome’s new Valencia Street shop has been open for a few weeks now, but they’re just getting around to throwing a grand opening party.  They promise free beer and tacos, and live tattooing.  Plus, they’ll be having a charity photo show featuring local photographer Travis Jensen, who’s been taking some pretty killer snaps of the neighborhood over the years.

Travis writes:

Titled “Mission District: Feet On The Street”, show is a collection of 35mm film, digital and iPhone images snapped on the streets of San Francisco’s vibrant Mission District. All proceeds from pieces sold/raffled will go to Chalk SF, a youth run, peer-to-peer employment program targeting at-risk youth by placing them in paid jobs typically staffed by adults. Chrome has also made a limited edition series of books with my images from the show as well as other SF-themed selects, which will be available for sale at show. All proceeds from books sold will also go to Chalk SF.

Party kicks off at 7pm Saturday!

Comments (3)

Shit, these guys are walking a fine line… a few more stores and we’ll get Chicken John to expel them!

Note to all potential Valencia street merchants: 1) targeting messengers: cool and 2) neighborhood-themed parties with free food: better

mmmm…..tacos and tattoos and beer, oh my.

Nothing the Gentry like better then white people giving them free tacos.