Enough With the Fires Already

14th and Dolores Complex is on Fire

Because San Francisco apparently hasn’t endured enough fires this year, the big white apartment complex at 14th and Dolores is currently burning.  Based on an aerial shot from NBC, it looks pretty bad:

Stay safe, everyone.

UPDATE 5:25pm: We just biked by and it appeared under control.  Most of the northwest Mission/Castro area still smells like fire, but the smoke has cleared.

[Castro Photo by John Kalucki]

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Living in a huge apartment building like this keeps you way safer from eviction and ellis, but way more susceptible to jokers starting fires with cigarette butts.

Uh yikes? Guess I can stay at work for an extra hour or two until the smoke clears.

“keeps you way safer from eviction and ellis”

There it is. 

Darn Lanka!

That’s one butt ugly building.

Makes the Armory pale in comparison. 

Are you joking?  The building’s not spectacular, but not ugly at all.  A million times better than the soulless shit that’s been going up all over the city over the past ten years or so.

Seriously. It’s a nice looking building. Far better than the ugly glass-like junk going up along this same stretch of Market.

You’re insane. The building is also beautigul from sidewalk level, much better than the new den of conformity across the street and probably will look nicer than the new building going up right next to it, which I bet will be painted a masculine and daunting black.


I’m with the Professor on this one.  The building isn’t bad.  but it is too big.

The bad of that building is that it is too big compared to the neighbors.   Many of the projects that are being planned, such as 16th and Mission, or the one currently being built half block at @ 21st, are also too big.

Which is weird as it’s only 5 stories. 

it is too big.

Uh, no.

it is too big.

Uh, no.

That sounds like the sentiment of someone who wants nothing but 3 storey buildings in San Francisco, then is surprised when they get an eviction notice.

I don’t think it’s too big.  It’s only 5-6 stories tall, which is totally appropriate for this part of the city.