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Terrible Diet Coke Ads Receive Deserved Parody

It was nice of Diet Coke to blanket the town in those terrible ads that united San Francisco in confusion and annoyance.  They pandered to techies to the point of coming across as parody, evoking a just leave us alone backlash.  Everyone else just wanted to stab their eyeballs out.

Now, some wheatpaste warriors have replaced the ads with a divine parody.

Although, as SF Citizen noted, “I don’t think that it’s the Diet Coke what causes diabetes, just saying.”

Which?  Sure.  But then again, I don’t think Diet Coke will cause you to drain your grandmother’s bank account to fund your doomed dream either (but Columbian Coke Classic might!).

[via SF Citizen]

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You ghost-rode to San Francisco with your pants sagging around your knees and a gold chain around your neck.  You’re on sizzurp.

Mr. S.F. has spoken….Eric “Mr. Eric Sir” Gregory moved to San Francisco in 2003 and has been taking notes and grainy photos of every unusual thing he’s seen ever since. Guess he’s just like that. Back in those days, Muni only cost $1 to ride, San Francisco’s pizza was not “artisan,” and we drank PBR because it was less than 35 cents a can rather than because it was hip. Yes, those were simpler times. Today, Eric is a software engineer, a strict pescaterian, and an award-winning[citation needed] blogge

Congrats on learning how to copy and paste!  The world can’t wait to see what other writing techniques you learn to conquer next.