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Speedy Gonzales Flees ICE

A tipster writes, “[I’m] not endorsing, but provocative in the real meaning.”  And that it is.

The piece, depicting Speedy Gonzales (itself a famously racist character) fleeing an ICE agent, was stenciled and pasted to the side of Ali Baba’s Cave on 19th and Valencia last night.

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that is really cool. someone is paying attention. 2 million deported under Obama, imagine if Bush or Romney did that. Tens of thousands of native born kids taken and broken up from families. Some in detention centers in Texas. Black Window ice cars early AM sneaking around. Anyone that says this ‘helped lower unemployment’ has the sense of economics as that of a Romney„,or…cough…Krugman.

Wait. Did you just equate the economic sense of the famously wrong Romney, and the famously correct Krugman? Is this opposite day?

Speedy Gonzales isn’t racist.  In fact, after being taken off the air, they relented after an uproar from the Latino community.  He is beloved, actually. 

Not only is Speedy Gonzales not racist he’s loved throughout all of Latin America.  You see his toys in toy stores and the show on televisiont translated to Spanish.