A Dirty Shame

John Waters on Front Lines of Willie Brown's War on F-Market Ridership

Nothing wrong with the idea of soaking tourists for $6 to ride the historic F-line streetcars. Most of the riders are tourists and tourists don’t vote, at least not here. If you’ve got to get money from someone, they offer the least resistance and least damage.

So says Willie Brown of the SFMTA’s latest proposal to increase the F-Market fare to six dollars. Of course, not everyone who rides the F-Line is a tourist: One of America’s greatest living artists (and noted Muni enthusiast) John Waters has an apartment here for when he wants to hitchhike across the country from his primary residence in beautiful Baltimore, Maryland. And he was spotted enjoying one of the historic streetcars just yesterday. Thankfully, Brown and mass transit troll Rob Anderson seem to be the only people in San Francisco who support the plan — the Market Street Railway blog has a roundup of the vocal, widespread opposition. CalTrans reports that since 2000, Californians are choosing walking, cycling and public transit over automobiles more than twice as often

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I dunno, every time I ride the F I’m reminded of what a terrible idea is.  It’s nice to look at but an awful form of public transit, and perhaps the $6 fee will cut down on some of the tourist condition as soon at it hits 5th street going downtown.