Mission Murals

A Collage of Artists at 24th and Bartlett

In late January, the mural space on 24th and Bartlett, behind Campfire Gallery, got a fresh upgrade from Elliott C Nathan.  This time, the garage doors are a collage of portraits of artists and mixed with works from Nathan, swatches of color, and other clippings, laid on top of torn pages.

Nathan tells us a bit more about the piece:

My intention with this ever-changing mural space was to commemorate some artists who have influenced the manner or style in which I create, as well as those important to SF and Mission culture. My original plan for this rendition was to paste up these artists along with a collage of the dictionary, pages from books describing how to create art, and random drawings, and characters I’ve created. The portraits are cut from altering sides and spread atop these different aspects of art and language to suggest the blending of the creators, art methodologies, and things created.

He recently released a timelapse of the mural’s creation (embedded below), and you catch his next show opening Saturday night at 8pm at Hayes Valley’s Oxenrose.

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you guys seriously posted this shit without a whiff of criticism? it looks like a ninth grade art student’s bedroom wall.

did UA get hijacked by the mission mission rss feed?

No, we generally don’t critique murals.

not all art is great art… but you never know if its good until after its finished. I appreciate having the opportunity to try out new styles and ideas in this mural space, which I will continue to change and update. I wanted to do an homage to some people that are important to me so I went for it. I’m still on my journey to figure out what makes good art– and I’ll never get there without the critics. Hate it or love it, I welcome the input as it will drive me to work harder and hopefully lead me to someday creating something worth calling a masterpiece. Until then… I’ll keep practicing anywhere and everywhere that I can. 

I love it! Cups up to you! Keep going.

Do not like