Is One of the Chance Cards a Cease & Desist Letter from Hasbro?

Behold, Mission Monopoly

Ever wanted to combine the gloom and anxiety of San Francisco’s boomtown times with the mid-tier fun and excitement of Monopoly?  Well, now you can!  Thanks to this marvelous creation from the Red Poppy Art House MAPP Women Art Collective, you too can play the part of a real estate speculator trying to avoid white-collar prison.

The game also features homes and tokens made by the artists, including a “disabled senior” and other at-risk persons (no word if the boot will be replace by Vibram toe shoe and money with bitcoin).

The finished game will be on display during the Solo Mujeres show at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, which opens tonight at 7pm.

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The Ellis Act one is tricky… is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Way cool. Someone should make a limited edition set and sell it at some local hipster shop. I’d buy one!

Thanks for posting Kevin! This current installation was actually created by a group of women artists going under the name MAPP Women Art Collective, not the Red Poppy Art House. The artists are Sofia Elias, Cristina Ibarra, Camila Perez-Goddard, Gabriella Luz Sierra, Indira Urrutia, and Windsong (many other artists also contributed to its earlier incarnations as well). It will be up at the Mission Cultural Center until April 18, and everyone is encouraged to come and play ) Thanks!!