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Bayview Rises: The Illuminated & Animated Mural of Islais Creek

For those of you who don’t spend evenings in the Bayview or driving along 280 at night, it’s quite possible you missed the recent addition of a illuminated mural along Islais Creek.  And you really should check it out.  The piece by Haddad|Drugan towers over the bay and is one of the most impressive pieces of public art we’ve seen in some time:

Bayview Rise is an illuminated animated mural located at the Port of San Francisco’s Pier 92 grain silos on Islais Creek. The project weaves together iconic imagery reflecting the Bayview neighborhood’s changing economy, ecology, and community. Its large-scale graphics will make its primary images visible from a distance, while views up close will reveal the abstract patterns from which those images are composed. In the night sky, the imagery is animated with lighting effects to allow viewers to enjoy the work throughout the day. The artwork is conceived as a gateway into Bayview Hunters Point and will be visible and changing from day to night.

As Bernalwood notes, the mural’s “changing imagery is not projection, but all paint and the different pictures revealed by the color of the light directed at the paint.”

[Photos: Robert Burns, SF Arts Commission | Video: Bernalwood]

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Thank you! We were struggling to figure out what the heck that was when we saw it from Bernal Hill yesterday.

It looks ghastly during the daytime - no getting around that. Glad I enjoyed that bldg when you still could.